Red Bean Opera's 22nd Anniversary Performance
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Red Bean Opera's 22nd Anniversary Performance

Red Bean Cantonese Opera’s upcoming 22nd Anniversary celebration is now set for the afternoon of Sunday, May 6, 2018 at Hayward’s Chabot College Performing Arts Center. The highly anticipated event will feature a mid-length adaptation of one of China’s four most renowned operas, the 8th century ”The Legend of Liu Yi,” including "Delivering Letter at Dragon Palace"; "Farewell at Lake Dongting"; "Marriage Arrangement" and "Reunion at Wedding Night". The presentation will be accompanied by three brilliant classical vignettes:  "Jade Bracelet Betrothal", "Taming the Princess" and "Dream of Tai Lake".  The Troupe’s Adult Opera Class will open the show with the “Fan Dance.”

A line-up of 36 performers have been cast for the production, filling the leading and supporting roles with Red Bean Opera’s most accomplished talents, joined by 8 new rising stars from the Studio’s Youth Troupe.  An orchestra comprised of the San Francisco Bay Area Cantonese Opera community’s most seasoned and preeminent instrumentalists will enrich the program’s music with their virtuosity and experience.  

Featuring a mid-length production with live English synopsis 

Fan Dance

Wing Yee Kwong, Joyce Huang, Virginia Ho, Wanda Tong, Rose Chan, Jennifer Jiang, Fongyi Lam, Teresa Ho

Jade Bracelet Betrothal

Anna Hom - Sun Yujiao
Khiem Wai - Matchmaker Liu
Sam Ly -  Scholar Fu Peng


Taming the Princess

Johnson Zeto - Guo Ai
Sandy Lai - Princess
Palace maids - Wanda Tong, Joyce Huang


Dream of Tai Lake

Sam Ly - Lord Fan Li
Tracy Wong -  Xishi
Bob Laye - Boatman
Dancers - Wing Yee Kwong, Rose Chan, Fongyi Lam, Charlotte Wong, Teresa Ho, Pinkie Laye

The Legend of Liu Yi

Delivering Letter at Dragon Palace
Farewell at Lake Dongting
Marriage Arrangement
Reunion at Wedding Night

Artistic Director:  Jing Liang
Associate Directors:  Run-Qun Li, Lucy Lam, Sabrina Huang

Cast :
Linda Lee - Liu Yi
Laura Ma - Dragon Princess Sanniang
Johnson Zeto - Dragon King
Khiem Wai -  Dragon Queen
Jared Young - Dragon Uncle
Helen Chou - Madame Liu
Spencer Chew - Matchmaker
Thomas Chak - Servant Fu Shu

Supporting Cast:
Bob Laye, Virginia Ho, Raymond Chen, George Arce, Jereld Wing, Wanda Tong, Jason Ma, Rose Chan, Joyce Huang, Charlotte Wong, Wing Yee Chan, Pinkie Laye, Annie Liu,  Carolyn Xu, Selina Xue, Annaly Tran, Addy Ma,  Violet Wu, Annie Huang, Jeda Santos

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