The Legend of Liu Yi

     This legend is about the love story between Scholar Liu Yi and the Dragon Princess Sanniang. Scholar Liu, accompanied by his servant, is on his way to the capital city to take the literary exam offered every 3 years. It is only by making a high score on this exam that one can gain employment with the emperor. On the way through cold and desolate land, he hears sobbing sounds from a young girl tending sheep. Upon investigation, he finds out that the girl is the 3rd princess of the Dragon King in a faraway place. She has been sent off to marry the prince of the Dragon King of Jing River. The marriage has not been consummated and she is mistreated by her parents-in-law. However she is not able to ask the birds to send a message to her father about her miseries. Being a righteous scholar following the teachings of Confucius, the scholar decides to be the messenger. With a special scepter from the princess, the scholar enters the palace under the water and delivers the message to the Dragon King in the faraway place. The uncle of the princess is furious, and leads an army to kill the prince of Jing River and rescues his niece. There is a big celebration at the palace under the sea. The Dragon King offers the princess to be the scholar’s wife, but the scholar declines because he does not want to ruin his reputation for causing the death of the husband and taking his wife. The princess bids farewell to the scholar. Accompanied by the princess's maid, the princess and the scholar travel together for part of his return journey not wanting to part with each other. The scholar returns home and becomes listless. His widowed mother, Madame Liu, is worried longing for her son to marry and give her grandchildren. She employs the services of a matchmaker who presents her with a girl who is pretty, educated and can write poetry. But Liu is not interested. The princess’s uncle really wants to match his niece to the scholar. He comes up to land with his niece and pretends to be a fisherman looking for a husband for his niece. The scholar and the princess are matched up. On the wedding night, the scholar reluctantly shows up. The princess knows that the groom is the scholar whereas the scholar does not know that the bride is the princess. A hilarious interchange ensues. All is well that ends well.